Your First Payout

Once you’ve received your first payout with Peer Hustle, your first payout will be initiated and should post within 7 days. 

The exact timing that your first transfer will take can vary depending on many factors. If you have not received your funds by 7 days after your first charges, you should verify that the transfer hasn’t failed for some reason and that your bank account information has been entered correctly.

All charges are processed on UTC Time so the processed date may not be the same as the date on which a charge is made in your local timezone. Most banks will post received funds on the same day as they are received. On occasion, banks may take 2-3 additional days to post funds. Also, keep in mind that transfers that are scheduled on weekends or holidays won’t be accepted by your bank until the next business day.

Subsequent Payouts

After your first payout, transfers will be available in the bank account the next business day if created before 21:00 UTC (2pm PST). If the transfer fails (due to a typo in the bank details, for example), it can take up to five business days for Peer Hustle to be notified.